16 February 2017

Consulting Services

APOPSIS S.R. offers complete consulting services and studies for local government and the public sector. These include:

Strategic development planning within the framework of the NSRF Operational programs of Municipalities Management of final beneficiaries Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) Reorganization of municipal enterprises Establishment of a self-assessment system based on the Common Assessment Framework (CFP) Preparation and management of projects under Objective 3 programs – European Territorial Co-operation Preparation and management of projects in the context of digital convergence Development and implementation of EMAS Regulation Consultancy services regional development.

Business strategy

Also, APOPSIS S.R. offers complete consulting services, contributing to the planning of the business strategy of the modern enterprise. These include: Sector Studies Market Research New Products Inquiry Investigation – Investment Feasibility Study Economic studies Studies under development laws, community programs, etc. Business Plan, Project Management, Marketing Plan, Study Plan Franchise network development.

Local government

Having a very significant experience in advisory support to Local Government Organizations and Enterprises, APOPSIS S.R. Supports local authorities with integrated services support services in a number of areas critical to the development and implementation of their development planning through regional development studies, project feasibility, project financing, demographic, economic and social studies, investment and development planning, Management and project monitoring.